Reborn the Rose

Reborn the Rose captures the essence of a triumphant soul emerging from the darkness of domestic violence. Through a remarkable collection of poems and photographs, Kelly Amanda Lee skillfully weaves words and images to illuminate the path to empowerment and self-discovery.

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About The Book

This emotionally powerful and captivating book serves as a beacon of hope, illuminating the way for all those needing strength and inspiration. Kelly’s poetic lines effortlessly convey the beauty and strength of her triumphant spirit, offering a compelling narrative of transformation. Reborn the Rose is a heartfelt reminder that every obstacle on the path to joy and self-worth can be overcome. This book is an essential companion for anyone seeking empowerment and the unwavering belief that a brighter tomorrow is within reach.

The essence of a woman embodies both elegance and resilience. Like a rose, she exudes beauty that captivates and grace that inspires. Her strength lies not only in her outer allure but also in her inner fortitude. No matter the challenges that come her way, she faces them with unwavering courage and dignity. Her grace allows her to navigate life’s trials with a calm and poised demeanor, turning obstacles into opportunities for growth and transformation.

Reborn the Rose signifies a renewal of this strength and beauty, a constant evolution that defies adversity. Just as a rose can bloom anew each season, she continuously rejuvenates her spirit, emerging stronger and more radiant after every hardship. Her journey is a testament to the power of resilience and the transformative nature of grace. In every phase of life, she remains steadfast and hopeful, knowing that she possesses the inner strength to overcome any challenge. She is not just a symbol of beauty and grace, but a beacon of perseverance and hope.

“She is the Rose of Beauty and Grace, there is nothing she cannot face.”


Reborn the Rose

What’s inside



Both elegance and resilience


Beauty and Grace

Captivates and Inspires


Faces Challenges

With unwavering courage and Dignity


Reborn The Rose

Continual renewal and evolution



Renewal and Evolution


Turn Obstacles

Into opportunities for growth

A Mother to Me

A mother to me has a heart of gold
She gives endlessly and offers her hand to hold
She wipes away your tears when the world is tough
Then brings you in close when problems get rough
She stands so tall and shelters your heart
She sees it all before it even starts
A mother will have an endless love
She will protect you when push comes to shove
A mother will remain in your heart for the rest of your days
The bond is one that will never go away
So always be thankful for that one true friend
As she will always be here until the very end




In the book, you will find, expressed emotions, thoughts, and experiences through carefully chosen words and structured verses. The essence of human feelings are beautifully captured and paints vivid pictures with language, allowing you to connect deeply with the poet’s perspective. Through rhythm, rhyme, and metaphor, Kelly’s poetry transcends ordinary speech, offering a profound and timeless way to explore the human condition.

"Wow.. this is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much! Very meaningful and thank you!! I’ve never had someone write something for me before. I love it how my art inspired your art - beautiful. I’m really moved, thank you so much."

Hamuera Brothers Studio.

"Kelly takes us on an emotional journey through past domestic violence of her inner thoughts, sadness and confusion at the loss she has experienced, of battles fought within herself and battles won, of courage and determination, and of a wonderful, gentle and kind soul, who fights fiercely for her children and eventually for her empowerment and her life today."

Karen T.

"Kelly's words are an inspiration to women and men alike, whether they have travelled that path or not. Bearing your soul is painful, though Kelly knows in doing this she will inspire, she will make a difference and she will continue to help heal broken souls."

Roslyn G.

About the author.

Kelly is the creative force behind Reborn the Rose. As a writer, poet, and lover of all things words, she is passionate about crafting pieces that inspire, uplift, and spark meaningful connections. Through Reborn the Rose, she aims to share her writing, musings, and creative endeavours with you, She fosters a community that celebrates the beauty of language, self-expansion, and personal growth.

A lone rose bush lay dormant in a forgotten garden, its petals wilted and bruised. But with spring’s warmth, a spark of life reignited, and new shoots emerged, reaching for the sunlight. As the seasons passed, the rose bush flourished, its blooms a testament to the power of resilience and beauty arising from darkness.

Welcome to my corner of the internet, where words are my roses, and I’m thrilled to share them with you.

Kelly Lee

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